Homemade Indoor Aviary for Finch and Button Quail

Here’s an alternative for bedding material in an inside aviary….Like most people I have used only pine shavings…it gets dirty and dusty very fast and the birds always seemed restless with their environment.

I tried the following: 2 parts organic dirt or potting soil, 1 part corn cob bedding and 1 part pine shavings.

Add 6 to 8 cups of water and stir around.  The result makes a wonderful litter and smells like an evening walk in the woods.

.   I use a large rabbit hutch for the bottom and attached  the top from another hutch to create a 2nd floor.  Each level has a side opening. Decorate your aviary with natural wood, branches and plastic flowers. Find creative feed dishes and scatter seeds around for the birds to find. Add birds that can co-habitat together like a trio of Button Quail and a pair of Zebra finches.  They clean up for each other!  Zebras pick up loose feathers for their nest and buttons eat what the Zebras drop out of their feed dishes above. Once a week, I move the decorations aside and add a cup of water and till the soil mixture.   Everything composts beautifully and naturally.

The birds will feel secure and more relaxed too. The following is a picture of my finished aviary!



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